Rabid (Portrait).jpg

Artist Statement

“Personality doesn’t allow itself to be seized by panic… for it already has terror behind it.” 

-Carl Jung

My intention is to embrace the power of cinema and its ability to alter perception, as it is media that is a reflection of our primordial desires. Horror films are the most profound and visceral of films, garnering the most extreme responses: vehement hatred and cultish admiration. Horror elicits a controlled neurosis while exposing the rejected weaknesses and brutalities of humanity. These films stimulate like no other type of film can. I have and never will feel this passion towards other genres, horror is my absolute favorite. It is my own cultish admiration that propels my creative compulsions.


Thematically, I’m concerned with concepts involving the limits of human perception, the ambiguity of morality in relation to nature, the chaotic, paradoxical nature of reality, and the human struggle to reckon with uncertainty. Vitality comes at a cost, humans bear the burden of being as we are all caught in a flux of unbelievable cognitive abilities and animalistic instincts. 


My process involves going through movies, taking screenshots, cutting them up and recomposing them. I don't replicate things, I interpret things. I start with a composition that I collaged together, but will have no idea how it will be interpreted, I discover that along the way. I work fast, confidently, but with uncertainty. I am propelled forward solely on instinct but still find moments of refined tranquility in the midst of movement. There is no set process other than to keep things general in the beginning, every painting is in its own universe and I cater to it. I follow the rules of Richard Diebenkorn, nothing is precious, tolerate chaos, use the destructive potential of boredom, and attempt what is uncertain.